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At NewJerseySafeBetting.com we pride ourselves on having some of the best Sports Betting experts in the USA. The company that owns New Jersey Safe Betting has been established in 2013, and are famous in the UK for delivering great picks on sports. Now that finally, sports betting is legal in New Jersey, we can bring our experience in betting picks, and we have built a team of US experts ready to provide you with the best betting previews so that you can get the most of your sports betting activity with New Jersey safe bookmakers. As our site is focused primarily on New Jersey we will provide full coverage with picks and analysis NJ teams but also the most important matches!

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What Makes A Great Free Sports Pick?

If you are looking for free sports picks and betting tips for your betting activity in New Jersey, then you are on the right page. Our betting team comprises experts who have great experience from an operator and professional bettor’s side and offer their best bets every day on all major US sports. You will be well aware that defeating sports betting sites is not easy. They have their own traders’ teams paid to ensure they come up with the best possible lines. This is why to stand a chance, you need to spend hours researching the data, statistics and form. Placing a bet is a bit like developing a plan, which takes time and effort. This is where we can help, as we have done it for years and have the right betting experts capable of providing you with the best picks to make the most of your betting activity. And everything is completely free! 

How Can You Win More Bets?

The short answer is, with better and more qualitative sports pick. After all, we all love the picks when they win! It is essential to say that nobody can win bets on everything and that you need to consider the betting activity as something that will go through good and bad runs. But with hard work and the help of great free sports picks, you can minimise the bad runs as much as possible and make the most of the positive ones. To have a chance of winning longer term, we use a strategy that goes beyond the spread. Lines are influenced by how most punters are betting, so it is good to analyse the movements and identify the reasons behind those. For example, lines could move due to a long MLB or NBA road trip, where for instance, the team might have arrived in town with delays, and so on. The variables can be many, and this is why only an in-depth analysis of every game can give the right answers that will tell us if there are good opportunities to bet or not in that market. To deliver the best betting picks, it is necessary to have years of experience. Learning how to read the lines and go beyond the spread is something that takes years of trial and error, in which the losses might be more than the winnings. This is why in our team, we do have some of the best sports experts in the country that have made their success on the back of hard work. Our free betting tips aim to help all bettors in New Jersey make the most of their betting activity. Similarly to what we have done in the UK since 2013, with great success. 

Why Use Our Expert Free Picks?

Sports betting sites in New Jersey are part of big companies and have teams of experts who are spending hours researching the best lines to have the edge over punters in most sports. This is why they are profitable companies as they deal with most punters that simply place bets just to have fun or with their heart, without spending time analysing the data. One of the main reasons you can benefit from our expert free picks is to save yourself time. Before releasing a pick, our experts spend hours analysing all the different aspects of a match: trends, injuries, form, weather and many other metrics. They then interpret the data with their experience and come up with the best sports betting predictions for that day. In addition to free up time, another great thing about our sports picks is that they are free! You will find lots of people on the Internet trying to sell you picks without proving themselves. All our picks are free and transparent with us, so you can see days in and out how our daily free picks are doing. And you can do that, without having to pay anything. 

How Can I find The Best Bets For Today At New Jersey Safe Betting?

All our sports picks are entirely transparent and free. We aim to help you learn more about how to improve your wagers. For this reason, we don’t only provide the pick, but we also explain the rationale and the thought process that our experts have used to reach that verdict. So please don’t waste time; bookmark this page and find out our today’s expert picks!

Free Picks from Selected Sports Handicappers Experts

Here at NewJerseySafeBetting.com, we are proud of our team of nearly 25 top experts working days in and out to provide free betting pics daily to our readers and us. We always back the picks from our experts as we know their experience and the hours of research they spend on the picks. We are all sports passionate here at NewJerseySafeBetting, and we love to place bets to give that extra fun to watch matches. But, of course, we like to win as well, and this is why we work hard so that we can all collectively make the most of your wagering activity. We can guarantee you will not find a better place to get free sports picks against the spread, total or money line for US sports. Since we aim to beat NJ sportsbetting site, we don’t need to charge the users for our picks, so all our tips will always stay free. 

When do you post your daily betting advice?

If you are looking for free daily betting advice for today US sport from the top experts in the industry, you have come to the right place. Every day, our handicappers are working hard to provide New Jersey bettors with the best ammunition to make the most of your betting activity. We work hard to post our daily betting picks as early as possible during the day so that you have plenty of time to place your wagers. Sometimes, you might notice that our daily picks are coming a bit later than expected: this is because our experts are finishing to gather the latest crucial news that will help our picks to be as accurate as they possibly can be. Usually, you will find all our picks by lunchtime, so you will have plenty of time to place your wagers before the evening matches are starting. The best is to bookmark our page and regularly check around lunchtime to avoid missing out on our excellent betting advice.